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It’s time to step out of the boat.

Are you ready to show the world the amazing service or product you have to offer? Yes you are! We believe in you, you just need to get started and we are here to help. At Beyond we go beyond our jobs to guide and listen to you. We are equipped and love to take care of the tedious tech stuff that comes up in areas such as branding, websites and digital marketing, so that you can concentrate on serving others by doing what you love.



Design Testimonial


It is always a pleasure working with someone as capable as Alejandra. Since we have started working with her, she has demonstrated many times over that she is one of the most personable, engaged and technically savvy designers in the business. We will continue our working relationship with her and I would highly recommend getting her to put her skills to work for you. You will be impressed!

John Beaudoin, CME Accordios World Wide


Our services


1. Personal Consulting

Introducing our client to a great local print shop in Vancouver
  • One on one consulting to get your new business started. Learn the steps you need to know to get your brand and website up and ready.

  • Expert advice on your existing brand, web app or website.

2. Intelligent Design

Full Brand for our client Gotawallet located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Full design services to make a first great impression or refresh your current brand.

  • From logos, business cards, posters, banners to ppt, animations, websites or web apps we have you covered.

3. Valuable Marketing

  • We Increase your digital business visibility with a clear report on your ROI.

  • We can transform how others see you, engage your audience and expand your customer base.

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Our work

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